International Racing

We’ve all watched epic western movies featuring perceived hundreds of horses and riders, but a procession of over 300 mounted riders viewed in person is an impressive sight in the modern day, even to the most jaded of western aficionados. Imagine standing by the side of a road as a cabalgata, or cavalcade, emerges from the distant Chihuahan Desert haze in a line that stretches as far as the eye can see down the two lane highway. What is equally impressive to an informed observer is that among the riders from two nations, there is no shooting or fighting, and there is no misbehavior among the horses despite an inordinate amount of noise and distractions.

Are these the ghosts of Pancho Villa and his Dorados, and the American soldiers who pursued them back into Mexico almost a century ago? Hardly, although their fantasmic materialization out of the dusty desert might cause one to wonder. They are dressed in sombreros, leather halfbreed leggings and military uniforms. They carry swords, bolt-action rifles and other weapons of our ancestors. It is early spring in the desert, and the shaggy horses still wear their winter coats. Some mounts and their owners have been on the trail for continuously for more than two weeks in order to reach the tiny town of Columbus, New Mexico in time for the reporte de puentes internacionales their appointment with history. The date is March 6, 2010.

Before dawn on March 6, 1916, a contingent of mounted Mexican soldaderos under the command of General Pancho Villa attacked the town of Columbus, New Mexico at the el reporte de los puentes, about four miles north of the border. Possible motives include guns, money and a desire for revenge against U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. The fight lasted two and a half hours, killing 18 Americans and most of the invading forces. The bank was destroyed, but the vault unopened. Responding to the raid as an act of war, the United States sent General John “Black Jack” Pershing and 4800 troops into Mexico in pursuit of Villa. The effort was the occasion of the first use of U.S. military aircraft in a wartime situation, and included the use of engine-driven four wheel drive vehicles. It also ushered in the end of a horseback-mounted U.S. Cavalry. After that, all such procedures became completely mechanized shortly before the First World War.

Today, a mounted cavalry of a different sort visits Columbus annually on the anniversary of the Villistas’ original raid. Instead of aggression, its mission is reporte de puentes – friendship – between Mexico and the United States. This year, 150 riders from Mexico were met near the border by a like amount of U.S. riders, all bound for the historic little town where the battle occurred. Complete with food and dance, it was an event enjoyed by all participants, including spectators from around the world.

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Europes Favorite Tea

What’s matcha?

Matcha green tea extract is the powdered form of high quality green tea extract leaves, known as gyokuro. It can be used in the Japanese tea ceremony traditionally, but it is employed to make other drinks also. Which is also often found in cooking.

How is matcha green tea extract made?

Matcha is manufactured out of gyokuro leaves, that happen to be shaded from the sunshine with reeds or straw several weeks prior to picking. (This technique of shading the leaves, differentiates it from other varieties of renewable teas that are not shaded prior to picking).This technique produces an increased degree of theanine gives te verde matcha its great and gentle flavour.After the leaves have been steamed they are really dried. The leaves blood vessels and stems are removed then, and then your leaves are surface into an excellent natural powder in a mill.

What are the health great things about drinking matcha?

Matcha te verde offers higher vitamins and minerals than other inexperienced teas since it can be completely dissolved in drinking water.After you drink other sorts of tea, you dispose of the leaves, therefore you are just getting a few of the ongoing health advantages.

How will you make matcha green tea extract? Here’s the steps and where to buy it (donde comprar matcha en mexico)


A tea dish (or a medium-sized dish, deep enough to help you to whisk the tea).

A tea whisk (chasen), or and egg whisk.

A 1/2 teaspoon of matcha (or 3 scoops by using a chashaku).

1. When Japanese people drink matcha they often have something sugary before consuming the tea. You’d like to drink it with a slice of cake, or some chocolate. This amounts the little bitterness of the matcha.

2. Begin by heat the dish, by pouring some warm water into the dish, swishing the warm water around and pouring it out.

3. Dry the dish, and add 1/2 tsp then. of green tea extract in to the tea bowl. (Optionally, use a tea strainer as this can make the powder leaner, and better to whisk).

4. Then add about 70-80ml of normal water (at approx. 90 diplomas), to the dish.

5. Begin whisking in the tea with the whisk. Use an instant, backwards and forwards wrist movements (make a M form, as you whisk), before tea is proved helpful into a froth. And there’s a light froth over the surface of the tea.

6. Benefit from the tea although it is hot.

Easy-to-Make and delightful Matcha Recipes


1. Combination 1  1/2  tsp. of matcha with 3 tablespoons of warm water. Mix briskly, until you have a even consistency.

2. Heat 1 glass of dairy, (and optionally 1 tsp. of honey) over low high temperature. Add the matcha then, and mix until well combined.


1. Put 1 glass (240mls, 8oz.) of dairy into a blender.

2. Add some ice.

3. Add 1  1/2  tsp. of matcha.

4. Optionally, put in a little honey/sweets to make it just a little sweeter.

5. Combine it – and revel in!

Brigita Feltham is the dog owner and inventor of Infusious Tea. After spending over three years in Japan, green tea extract became an integral part of Brigita’s daily lifestyle as it is for some Japanese people.

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Qualities of a custom home builder with european style

Getting the right builder for your house is a really important factor as it is the first step of building your perfect home. In fact it should be taken with the same level of dedication as looking for a house. There are a number of ways of speeding up the selection process and getting the perfect builder like Custom home builder Waco to match your needs.

Know your needs. You should be able to know the type, size and most importantly the price range of the home you need.

Ask for references from the builder. Check whether the other customers the custom home builder waco has worked for are satisfied.

Ensure that the builder is licensed. Verification of the builder’s license is important to prove that he has met the state’s requirements of a builder.

The experience of the builder waco has. The builder should have enough experience to build a quality and stylish home. The more the experience the better the builder is in his job.

Check whether the home builder’s expertise fits your design. The builder must have the necessary expertise for the design you want for your house.

The warranty and service provided by the builder. These services should be effectively provided.

Check whether the builder is involved with any industry. Find out whether the builder is a member of the Local Home Builder’s Association.

The pros of building a custom home over buying standard models

You get to have exactly what you want. This ensures that your individual style pops out and that your house is not a cookie cutter version of the house next door.

There is the advantage of getting the must haves for your house builder. You may find that most standard models do not have all you need but building your own custom made house will incorporate all these things and give you exactly want you want.

The cons of a custom home over buying standard models

More time is spent on construction of a  custom made home than buying standard models. A lot of time is spent on decision making. This is because every detail is looked at in depth from paint colors, shower doors, floors, doorknobs, switch plates, light fixtures among others.

More expenses are incurred with custom homes. This is because every detail of the house is made with its specific design. There are other expenses such as surveying, architectural fees, interior design fees, landscaping, materials and many more. You are advised to have an emergency fund to cover unforeseen glitches.

More stress when dealing with custom homes. For starters there is nothing to compare the house to so you have to give the builder all your trust. The stress starts at the point of researching and investigating a contractor as you may need to check local and state agencies, National Association of Home builders and contractor association to ascertain that there are no pending complaints. Do your homework on the building process and maintain good communication with the contractor. The hectic follow up is an added stress to custom home building.

It therefore is important to ensure that you get into contract with the right builders who are reputable such as custom home builder Waco to give you your dream home.…

Society tips to get into justice

Essential Guidelines For Becoming A Homicide Investigator

Homicide detectives are actually police investigators in plainclothes whose primary job is to solve unusual or suspicious deaths. In order to accomplish these goals, one requires being proficient in analyzing the crime scenes and also he must possess strong interrogation skills in order to receive accurate information from the witnesses as well as the suspects. Another important attribute of these investigators is superior communication skills. How to become a homicide detective must upgrade his knowledge and expertise constantly in order to keep up with the changing technologies and investigative methods. In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to mention some important guidelines on how to become a homicide detective.

  1. Become a Police Official

A homicide detective often begins as an uninformed patrol official, which will require one to enter the police academy as an employee. In the majority of the cases, the applicants are required to be at least 21 years of age and must have a valid driver’s license. Sometimes these new recruits are required to pass a criminal background check as well as meet certain physical requirements before gaining entry into the academy.

  1. Earn Good Grades

Usually, the officials are qualified for promotion to the higher ranks, including homicide detective, after a certain probationary period. The advancement will depend on a combination of written test scores as well as seniority. Typically, seniority and examination grades will count for 90% and 10% respectively of the worthiness for the promotion of an applicant. In some other cases, before entering into the homicide investigation job, the candidates are required to bid for certain specialized assignments, for example, drug or gang units.


  1. Stand Out As an Official

In spite of the fact that examination grades are important, a better job performance will also assist you to become a Homicide detective salary. In particular, the new officials can expect an enhanced level of inspection. Ensure that your arrested are aptly supported by clear and solid evidence as well as written reports. Your ability is going to be evaluated by the supervisors. Besides this, make it a point to sharpen your communication expertise because homicide detectives are often required to explain the findings of the media as well as juries.

  1. Go on studying

Usually, a lifelong learning is involved in becoming a competent homicide detective. The recruits begin with constitutional law, civil rights, local ordinances, and also training in firearm use, first aid, self-defense and so forth. Another advantage will be a proficiency in any foreign language. Apart from this, classes are also offered to the homicide detectives by many police agencies on different aspects such as identification procedures, crime scene analysis and also suspect interviews. By joining these classes you will be able to comprehend more regarding what is needed to do for succeeding as a capable homicide detective.…